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Consider Employing Temporary Staff for Hospitality This Year

After almost a year of closures and disruptions, hospitality organisations can now plan to reopen, and with the benefit of pent-up demand for eating out in the UK at an all-time high, consideration should be given to employing temporary staff.  

The pandemic has caused massive shockwaves across the industry, and we are now in a period of recovery. While there is a feeling of optimism in the air, business owners must now get down to the job of assembling their teams for 2021. 

As a manager, you may have concerns over your team’s staffing, such as whether you have the right number of employees, can afford to pay them and have the best team members in place in line with the future vision of your business.  

At KSB Recruitment, we work with temporary employees for catering or hospitality companies. We have been providing establishments with these contracts for over 28 years – but this year is different. 

Employing temporary staff is indispensable right now, as companies figure out new ways of working – today we look at how vital temporary staff will be for your organisation this year. 


Ease Your Payroll Worries  

If youre thinking about the reopening stage of your business and havent got a crystal ball to predict whats going to happen, the best way to ease payroll worries is by employing temporary staff – for now.   

We have worked with temp hospitality staff for years, and we understand that the flexibility of these roles is a two-way street. The temp staff benefit from not being tied down to a permanent position, but as the employer, you benefit from the flux that you need right now until things settle down and you start to rebuild your permanent team.   

Talk to us today about your staffing situation – we can provide the temp employees you need as and when you require them. 


Meeting an All-Time High Demand   

Boutique Hotelier recently published some extremely positive news about how busy UK establishments can expect to be this year. Farncombe Estate chief executive Andrew Grahame revealed that their bookings have increased by 450%, with similar pictures emerging across the UK. 

The fact remains that there will be higher demand than ever on hospitality and catering establishments this year; even places that have never had to take on temporary staff before will need to consider it. 

Temporary workers will help you meet your business’s fluctuating needs as you figure out your broader business strategy for the new normal 

If you have never gone down the route of taking on temporary employees before and would like to know more about the process, we have created a guide to help. Click here to download the free guide, which explains everything you need to know.  


Reinventing Your Team  

So much has changed in the last year; there is a good chance that your hospitality team is now missing some of the key players you had before Covid 

There may be gaps in your team now, as some hospitality candidates have spent recent months searching for and taking new employment in the gaps that opened up elsewhere in the economy.  

At the beginning of lockdown, job boards were linking up newly furloughed or sadly redundant hospitality staff positions in other sectors. If the employees you had in place before lockdown are now disjointed, now could be the perfect time to reinvent your team in line with a new direction for your business.  

Again, temporary employees are a great way to do this as you are not tied into longer contracts; you can use this to your advantage as you figure out what works and what doesnt for your post-Covid business strategy.   


Take Advantage of the Range of Candidates  

Finally, the number of candidates that are looking for opportunities is at an all-time high. No hospitality business owner wants to see any employees made redundant. Unfortunately, this might be the case for individuals who pre-lockdown, were working for establishments that have since closed.  

As a responsible employer, giving talented and hardworking individuals a shot at becoming part of your permanent team is a win-win for both you and the candidates currently looking for employment.   

Speak to us today about the vision you have for your team and your establishment going forwards, and we will find you the individuals you are looking for.    


Next Steps  

We specialise in providing excellent temporary catering and hospitality staff to organisations and supporting businesses for over 28 years.  

As the hospitality sectors look to open up again over the coming months, we understand that having the best team in place is going to be essential in getting you through to the other side.  

If you need temporary hospitality employees at short notice to reopen your business, get in contact with us today on 0121 314 9365 to find out how we can help.  





 About KSB Recruitment  

We are expert recruiters in the catering and hospitality industry with over 30 years in business, placing the best candidates in their perfect roles with an obsessive attention to detail.   

KSB is proud to be a Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) member, accredited investors in people, and both Data Protection and Home Office Compliance registered.  

We specialise in roles in Birmingham, Staffordshire, the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and Northamptonshire.  

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Preparing to Reopen in 2021: What Catering and Hospitality Businesses Need to Know Right Now

Finally, the moment Catering and Hospitality Businesses have been waiting for is in sight  they can now prepare to open to the public once again.  

Catering and Hospitality Businesses have been significantly affected, but now with the vaccine programme well underway and the roadmap out of lockdown in place, we can finally look towards getting back to the way things were. 

The hospitality sector’s determination to stay afloat has created an environment of hope and optimism for this year and the future ahead. The shared feeling among owners of Catering and Hospitality Businesses is that while things have changed, from this will come innovation and success.  

If, like many other business owners, you are preparing to reopen to the public this summer, here are the key things you must consider.  


Be Legally Compliant  

The vast majority of U.K. adults will have been vaccinated by June 21stwhen hospitality will open up fully again. And while the vaccine programme aims to eradicate the need for social distancing, there will be technicalities that you must implement to run a legally compliant business. 

Unlike previous lockdowns, the roadmap out of the pandemic recently announced by the Prime Minister confirmed that no ‘substantial meals’ will have to be served. This freedom highlighted a change from last summer when there were Covid rules in place.  

The news that this year will likely be a return to almost normality will come as a relief. However, you should still be providing hand sanitising facilities and complying with social distancing until these rules are relaxed. 

How did social distancing work in your business last summer? Is there anything that didn’t work that you could improve on? We have all had plenty of practice by now, and your team should understand the implications of being legally compliant, but refresher training will be a good idea in the first few days or reopening.  

The Government have updated their guidelines for opening the hospitality sector – make you familiarise yourself with the policies and ensure your staff are in the know too. 


Be Market Aware  

In each local area and sector, there will be certain Catering and Hospitality Businesses that sadly will not be opening up again. 

Stay aware of your local market, who is reopening and what changes they have made to keep ahead of your competitors. Think about the layout of your premises, your menu and your offers – will you be putting on any special events this year? Think about local festivals, sporting events and the school holidays – there will be plenty going on this year.  

It might be a good idea to simplify your menu to help kitchen staff, especially as this summer is set to be busy for most establishments. 

Perhaps you could introduce new items to your menu or new ‘post-Covid’ deals? People will be on the lookout for something special when they return to dining out – work with your kitchen team to create something extra special for your reopening.  


Prepare for the Influx  

Finally, when looking at the data already coming through, it is no surprise that the public is planning on spending a lot of time exercising their new freedoms this year. This means preparing for perhaps your busiest summer ever. 

Be smart with your bookings – some businesses are only taking booking with a deposit; this will reduce your risk of losing out in all-important business this summer. Is this something that could work in your establishment? You need a tight booking and service procedure in place and an excellent, switched-on team who can deal with how busy you will be this year and deliver your company vision. 

If you’ve got big ideas for this year, but you haven’t got the right team in place to deliver them – we can help. 

Many establishments are already taking bookings for this year, while some other businesses wonder how they’re going to manage. For many Catering and Hospitality Businesses, the reality is that they haven’t got the same team in place; and some have to rebuild their entire team again from scratch. 

If you need excellent, dedicated hospitality employees, from a single head chef to an entire catering team – we can help. 





About KSB Recruitment  

We are expert recruiters in the catering and hospitality industry with over 30 years in business, placing the best candidates in their perfect roles with an obsessive attention to detail.   

KSB is proud to be a Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) member, accredited investors in people, and both Data Protection and Home Office Compliance registered.  

We specialise in roles in Birmingham, Staffordshire, the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and Northamptonshire.  

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The Redistribution of Talent: Why Hospitals, The Education Sector and Care Homes are in Danger of Becoming Short Staffed as Hospitality Opens Up Again

Key workers in the hospitality industry have kept the country going during the most challenging time in a generation. And as such, there has been a huge scale redistribution of catering and hospitality staff to support hospitals, care homes and the education sector with the necessary staff levels. 

During the pandemicall shape and size resources have been distributed to where they were needed most. It has been a period where the country has pulled together for a single cause, which has resonated across different sectors.  

As the country prepares to return to some semblance of normal, there will be another period of mass movement within the hospitality sector. Those who were deployed to help out in emergency catering situations will now be returning to their commercial catering and hospitality staff roles.  

But where does this leave the care industry and the education sector? Is there a real risk of a shortage of catering and hospitality staff in critical roles? Lets take a closer look. 


The Role of Hospitality During the Pandemic 

The hospitality sector has played a vital role in the fight against the pandemic.  

A recent article published by hospitality news site Shorttermrentalz.com highlighted the arrangements that have been made between the NHS and the UK hospitality sector.  

They shared that guest houses, B&Bs, and self-catered accommodation have been called upon to conduct the safe transfer of patients and key workers during the pandemic to reduce the NHS bed shortage crisis. Thousands of patients have been transferred safely out of hospitals and into separate accommodation to stop the NHS from becoming overwhelmed, all thanks to independent hospitality companies. 

Additionally, the rules around self-isolation have been another challenge for catering and hospitality teams. Hospitality employers have struggled with staffing levels, as whole teams were having to self-isolate in the event of a single positive test.  

These factors combined have meant there had been a lot of staff movement in hospitals, care homes and educational institutions. Emergency staff have been deployed to help out in these critical situations, and hospitality employees who would otherwise have been still on furlough have been glad of the opportunity to work. 

However, with the successful vaccine programme underway, the commercial hospitality sector will soon be welcoming back thousands of workers – where does that leave the care and the education sector? 


Hospitals and Care Homes – A Catering and Hospitality Staff Crisis? 

As reported in the Guardian, last year, the UK hospitality sector furloughed 80% of its staff shortly after the pandemic struck. 

And while it has been a long year of waiting, hospitality organisations are now finally able to prepare for their grand re-opening. In a recent survey of over 2,000 Brits conducted by High Speed Training, eating out was named the third top event people are most looking forward to after the pandemic. Business owners are aware of the publics appetite for this and are planning to take advantage this summer. 

But where does that leave hospitals, care homes and education? 

Care homes have struggled with staffing levels throughout the pandemic. Many employees who had previously worked in different catering roles helped out. However, they will now be returning to previous positions.  

The government recently provided £269 million of support to the care sector to increase staffing levels. Despite this, many care homes have a battle on their hands to find quality employees. This unprecedented funding means that care homes now have a perfect opportunity to assemble expert, quality teams. If you would like to discuss how we can help you find the catering staff you need for your care home – get in touch with us here. 


Locating the Right Catering and Hospitality Staff for the Education Sector  

In the education sector, the picture is very similar.  

Schools and higher education organisations have been at the centre of some of the highest-profile decisions during the pandemic. As the guidance continually changed, many schools and universities were thrown into repeated lockdowns and periods of self-isolation; getting staffing levels right has been a significant challenge. 

As these establishments now look forward to welcoming back students, teachers and the wider staff, avoiding another staffing crisis will be high on their list of priorities. 

The simplest way to avoid a staffing crisis is to work with a recruiter to implement a flexible plan for your recruitment. In doing this, you avoid the headache that comes with your organisation’s fluctuating needs; you always have the right level of quality staff as and when you need them. 

If you would like to know more about how we can help you formulate a catering staffing plan for your education organisation, get in touch with us today. 





About KSB Recruitment 

We are expert recruiters in the catering and hospitality industry with over 30 years in business, placing the best candidates in their perfect roles with an obsessive attention to detail.  

KSB is proud to be a Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) member, accredited investors in people, and both Data Protection and Home Office Compliance registered. 

We specialise in roles in Birmingham, Staffordshire, the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and Northamptonshire. 

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