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What Options Are Available to Hospitality Workers Right Now?

For hospitality workers, the last few weeks have been extremely unsettling. Your current job has likely changed significantly, been put on hold or its existence is now shrouded in doubt.

Whatever your current situation, as a hospitality employee, it is crucial to remember that there are options available to you.

Whether that means a change to your current role, waiting on guidance from your employer or if you are, unfortunately, in the category who need to find a new employer – there is help out there for you. 

The following is some practical advice to help you, whatever your current situation.  


Becoming a Furloughed Worker 

If your employer intends to make you a furloughed worker, this means that your work duties should now stop for them to claim up to 80% of your wages (up to £2,500 per month). 

You will remain employed while furloughed, but you should not be completing any work duties – if you do, the claim will be impaired and may become ineligible.  

Your employer can then choose to pay the remaining 20% of your wages, although they might not be in a position to do so. If this applies to you, you can also apply for Universal credit through the welfare system to top up your wages. Information on how to do this can be found here.  


A Change to Your Job Role 

Depending on the size and the current situation of your employer, your employer might ask you to accept a change to your job role. This is common in larger organisations where things are still happening behind the scenes, and the business is ticking over. 

Remember, that a change to your job role will only be temporary, and while it might seem strange at first, there are millions of people across the UK whose job now looks very different from just a few weeks ago. 

Remember that you’re not alone; check-in with friends, family and your colleagues regularly to discuss what’s going on and to get some perspective. 


Finding a New Job 

Unfortunately, some hospitality businesses have had to make redundancies. Some hospitality employers announced layoffs for hospitality workers and changes to their business shortly before the new HMRC scheme to protect hospitality jobs was announced. 

If you believe that you have been unfairly made redundant, you can appeal. First, you must appeal to your employer and then you can escalate to a tribunal. For more details about this process, click here 

If your current situation means that you require a new form of employment, and fast, there are options out there. 

While some hospitality businesses are struggling, many others are thriving. Thousands of supermarket and other key worker positions have become available, with some employees claiming that they are being hired within hours of applying. 

As dedicated hospitality recruiters, we have branched out during the coronavirus pandemic to help struggling hospitality workers find new employment, even if it means changing your field slightly. We have vacancies that need filling now – click here to contact us about applying to our current jobs. 


Staying Positive  

Amidst all of the confusion, you must remain positive. While it has been majorly disruptive for everyone in the UK, the coronavirus chaos is not here to stay.  

Over the coming weeks and months, things will get back to normal. Lockdown in Wuhan, which was the epicentre of the virus just a few weeks ago, has now been lifted.  

The government have stated that the current lockdown scenario will not last for an extended period of time, but temporary measures will be brought in to try and flatten the curve of the spread of the virus. This means that businesses will begin a new regime of opening soon, even if the hours are reduced. 

The bottom line is that when things get back to normal, hospitality businesses will still need the same dedicated hospitality workers that were in place before the virus. Aim to keep positive mental health throughout this transition period – the NHS has provided a guide to help which you can find here 


Speak to us About Your Situation 

At KSB Recruitment, we are experts at matching hospitality employees with new roles. In the last few weeks, however, we have had to adapt to the COVID-19 situation. We have responded by working with a range of employers to find employment opportunities for people whose jobs have been lost due to the virus. 

We have a range of roles available right now that we need dedicated staff for. If you are a previous hospitality or catering employee currently looking for a job – we can help. Contact us today on 0121 702 1428 or using our contact form here to find out more about our current vacancies.  




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