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What Really Goes On Behind the Scenes in the Temp Agency Process

Staff shortages and the economic squeeze have meant that temporary workers are in high demand in today’s job market, and even though there are over 1.49 million temporary workers in the UK, recruitment agencies like KSB Recruitment play a crucial role in helping organisations source the temporary staff they need. Having recruited for organisations for over 33 years, you can be assured we know what we are talking about! But what exactly happens behind the scenes in the temp agency process? A lot of work goes on to ensure we provide the right people for the roles you need to fill.

While clients may only see the end result — a qualified temporary worker placed in a position — there’s a whole process leading up to it. From understanding job requirements to sourcing talent through various channels, the temp agency process is complex. Join us as we give you a peek into the steps involved in matching the perfect candidate with the right job, while maintaining flexibility and solving any challenges that may come up.

We hope this gives you an insight into our experienced team, who not only have experience in the hospitality and catering industry, but are highly trained in the recruitment agency way and how recruitment really works!

The 5 Stages of the Temp Agency Process

If you’ve worked with a recruitment agency before you might be familiar with how a temp agency process works, however every agency is slightly different. Here at KSB Recruitment all our temporary placements, large or small, goes through the same five stage process:

Step 1: Understanding Your Needs

The very first step in helping you recruit temporary staff involves us understanding your unique needs and requirements. During your initial consultation, we’ll analyse the roles you’re hiring for and help identify the key skills and experience criteria that will shape our search. We also look at the environment in which the worker will be placed to ensure the right cultural fit is achieved.

Step 2: Candidate Sourcing

Once we know what we are looking for from our customers, we use a variety of recruitment channels to generate applications and reach out to our extensive network to identify qualified individuals. This will involve searching our extensive internal database of pre-registered candidates. Alongside this we will use external sources such as social media to recruit new talent to choose from. All Applications that come into KSB Recruitment under-go a thorough pre-screening process to ensure only the best candidates that meet the key skills and experience criteria go through to the next stage of the process for our clients.

Step 3: Assessing Candidate Fit

Making sure candidates are a good fit for our clients and roles we have to fill goes further than assessing their skills and experience. Candidates will attend either a face to face interview or a zoom which will determine if they are a cultural and personality fit and then they’ll be extensively vetted by our team to give you peace of mind.

Vetting includes:

  • Thorough Interviews
  • Right to Work checks (Legal Status)
  • Reference checks
  • DBS checks
  • Social media screening (to ensure candidates are who they say they are)

At KSB we are also fully committed to help to eliminating modern slavery and all candidates who register with us go through a specific vetting process to make sure they are not victims of modern slavery or human trafficking.

Step 4: Managing the Placement Process

Successful candidates will be prepared for their first day in their role and our compliance manager will double check prior to starting work that every candidate we send out to a client is fully compliant both legally and to our internal standard.

We continue to provide support to both you and the candidate throughout their temporary placement. We manage the whole payroll process for you and provide one invoice per week, all our temporary workers receive a branded handbook which explains thoroughly what is expected of them on assignment and information relating to health and safety, food hygiene, and allergens. We also provide 24/7 support, so we can address any challenges or problems that may arise.

Step 5: Looking to the Future

After the placement we’ll ask you to give feedback on the recruitment process and the placement itself. We’ll check in to see if you want to extend the assignment, and whether you have other temporary roles we can help you with as well.

We’ll also ask candidates for their thoughts about our process and the placement. We use this feedback alongside key performance metrics to help refine our processes so we can continuously improve how we meet your needs for future placements.

Why You Should Choose KSB Recruitment for Your Temporary Staffing

We hope you can see just how hard our team works to make sure that every temporary staffing placement is successful for both our clients and candidates. Working with an agency like KSB Recruitment can be beneficial if you are looking to fill temporary positions. Here’s why:

Industry Specific Consultants!

All of our consultants have experience of working within the hospitality and catering industry some in very senior roles. Combined with this they are thoroughly trained within the recruitment industry with a massive emphasis on customer service.

We’re Fast!

The temp agency process is designed for speed and at KSB we offer a maximum of 1 hour response time between your first call and us setting the ball rolling to supply your staff. We have a pool of ready-to-work compliant candidates meaning you can handle unexpected surges or absences with confidence.

We Save You Time and Money

Because we handle candidate sourcing and screening in house, you don’t have to worry about advertising and recruitment costs and your in-house HR team can concentrate on their roles. Plus, we take care of administrative tasks like payroll and benefits, saving you even more time.

We’re Dedicated to Compliance

Our dedicated team make sure everything is done right, including background checks, vetting and compliance checks. So, you can rest easy that every candidate that comes to you is suitable and fully compliant in law.

In short, using a temp agency makes hiring easier, saves you money, helps you follow the rules, and gets you the right person for the job. If you need to fill temporary positions, the temp agency process is a smart choice.

Need temporary recruitment services? If you’re looking to recruit temporary staff individually or at volume, KSB Recruitment can help. Contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly consultants today to find out more.

Who is Dawn Bannister

Dawn has over 30 years recruitment experience recruiting for the likes of Sainsbury’s plc, Holiday Inn, Barclaycard, ISS, Royal Mail, West Midlands Police and the NEC – to name a few. She also oversaw the company’s Investors in People accreditation in 1999 – (and held ever since) and has recently been selected to attend the prestigious programme run by Aston University’s Business Growth Programme.