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Temp Jobs In Hospitality: Crystal’s Story

Temp Jobs in Hospitality: What is it really like?

We spoke to temporary hospitality worker, Crystal to find out what it’s like to work in the hospitality industry.  We delve into the various hospitality jobs she has worked and what the industry can offer you.

Hospitality Worker

Firstly, give us a brief introduction to you and your experience?

I have years of experience in hospitality and love the industry. This has led to working all over the world through my hospitality jobs. My first experience of working in hospitality was on the Orient Express Train in South Africa. I felt privileged to rub shoulders with the likes of Bill Clinton and other Heads of State when they visited. Another of my memorable hospitality jobs was being the first black woman to run and restaurant in Scandinavia.

The industry made me realise I enjoyed meeting new people and providing a great customer experience through food and beverage. Moreover, this industry brought the best out of me and I wanted to pursue that as a career.

What made you work for an agency?

I wanted a break from hospitality jobs. Although I loved the industry, I wanted to try something new. I went into retail. In my last retail role, I worked in the beauty section of a well known high-end department store. However, after a while, I realised I wasn’t enjoying it. The targets were too pressurised. Although hospitality jobs are just as hard (if not harder) and there is pressure, it’s different. I feel more relaxed working in hospitality.

Anyway, I put my CV on a job board, you guys contacted me and the rest is history.

Why KSB?

On a serious note, it’s a good thing I didn’t choose the other agencies as they have all ceased trading. Out of all the agencies that spoke to me, I found KSB the most open and honest. You listened to what I wanted and found the right hospitality jobs for me.

I have experienced many recruitment agencies over the years. Most don’t see you as a person but as a number. They just want to fill jobs rather than find the right job for you. At KSB, if you aren’t happy, you are given an opportunity at other places. They take on board everything you’ve said.

You’ve worked for KSB for over a year now, talk us through the hospitality jobs have you worked?

There has been so much variety. I’ve worked front of house at events, been a food & beverage supervisor at a hotel, cleaner at hotel and front of house and cleaning at a holiday park. I’ve enjoyed trying new roles and understanding where my strengths lie. It’s been a fantastic experience.

What has been your favourite hospitality job?

When I was a food & beverage supervisor in a hotel restaurant. I enjoyed the challenge of creating a well-oiled front of house team who made every customer feel like they were number one.

I was working at one hotel and they were so impressed with how I had improved their customer service and the processes I’d put in place, they asked me to do the same at another hotel. That was an even bigger challenge as I had to walk in and tell staff to do things a different way.

What skills has hospitality given you?

Working in this industry gives you a lot of patience and good communication skills. Above all, communication isn’t just about talking, it’s also about listening and this is key when dealing with customers. For example, it could be as simple as remembering their name at breakfast, lunch and dinner or what they ate. Customers always find that personal. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t happy either. By listening, you are making them feel important.

What would you say to someone thinking about working in hospitality?

It’s a great industry to work in. The people you work with become your best friends and it feels like you’re one big family. There are so many opportunities but it is what you make it.  Sometimes it can be hard but going in with a positive mindset makes all the difference.

What would you say to someone thinking about working for KSB this summer?

Working for KSB is an absolute privilege. Working for KSB means you have the backing of people who have worked in the industry. They know it inside out and know what you want.

Here at KSB Hospitality Recruitment Agency, we have been helping candidates find hospitality and catering jobs for over 30 years. If you would like us to help you in finding work, send your CV to or call 0121 314 9365. We can also support you to create an outstanding CV.  Alternatively, if you are a business looking for staff, we can also help.

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6 Reasons To Work A Summer Job in Hospitality

6 Reasons To Work A Summer Job in Hospitality

Maybe you are at university, or college and looking for some casual summer work. Or you’re looking to make some extra cash alongside your current job. There are many reasons you should consider a summer job.

Here at KSB Recruitment, we have been supporting people to find amazing opportunities over the summer for over 30 years. Here are some of the main reasons our candidates enjoy working for the KSB Hospitality Team.

1. The Money

Many of our candidates advise working a summer job supports them to earn money whilst they are on their summer break. Others like the fact they can work jobs where they don’t have to worry about the cost of living. In other words, working a summer job can earn you good money to spend and save on what you like.

2. The Experience You’ll Gain at a Summer Job

One of the most common reasons we hear is the amazing places people experience and the people they meet. Working in a variety of places and meeting a range of people allows you to gain key soft skills you can take to any job or career.

Moreover, the ability to demonstrate an example of skills such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, initiative and a positive can-do attitude will put you way ahead of others in job applications and interviews.

For instance, temporary worker Haleema Bi told us what she’s experienced so far working for the KSB Hospitality team:

I’ve been working here for a few months as it is my first job and it has taught me a lot of things that have helped character development. You get to meet new people and make friends. You get to travel to different locations courtesy of the agency to work which helps with gaining experience and pushing yourself to the best of your abilities.

3. Grow Your Network

It’s always good to have professional contacts even if they aren’t in an industry you want to work in. You never know who they know. They could support you later down the line.

4. Summer Job References

A great reason to take up a summer job in hospitality is the references you will receive. If you work hard, you’ll be given a glowing reference and this will give you an edge above other candidates when going for other jobs.

5. Potential for Ongoing Work

If you work hard during the summer, there is the potential you could be kept on part-time or offered a full-time position. There have been plenty of examples we have seen of people opting to work for the summer and continuing after.

6. Flexibility To Test Different Roles

Another big reason our temporary workers love working for us is the variety of work and the flexibility to try different roles. You could be working away at a hotel on a remote island one month and the next work at lots of vibrant events. The choice is yours. You can mix and match what you’d like to do. We listen to you, we understand what type of environment would suit you and find you work to suit you.

A great example of this is temporary candidate, crystal who started working with us in summer 2021. She started her journey working at a holiday park. After that she took up the challenge of front of house supervisor at various restaurants, turning their customer service around was a huge achievement. She’s now loving the variety of working at multiple events each week from weddings to race days.

Here at KSB Hospitality Recruitment Agency, we have been helping candidates find hospitality and catering jobs for over 30 years. If you would like us to help you in finding work, send your CV to or call 0121 314 9365. We can also support you to create an outstanding CV.  Alternatively, if you are a business looking for staff, we can also help.

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