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Turning the Tables: A Guide to Overcoming Challenges in the Hospitality Industry

Things are looking tough for the hospitality industry in the coming months. From rising costs to the struggle to attract and retain talented hospitality staff, there is a sense that the industry could struggle without practical solutions and support. Which is where we come in. As a hospitality recruiter for more than 30 years, at KSB Recruitment we’ve seen our fair share of challenges in the hospitality industry, and we know just what it takes to weather those challenges.

So, let’s explore some of the bigger issues facing the UK hospitality industry as a whole and then we’ll look at how a recruitment partner like KSB Recruitment can help you develop targeted strategies that maximise your resources, find you experienced and skilled hospitality staff, and keep hold of them for the long-term.

Challenge One – Rising Costs and Restaurant Closures

The cost-of-living crisis is a double-pronged challenge for the hospitality industry. Not only to customers who have less money to spend on eating out or taking trips but rising costs – up to 55% in some cases – means restaurants and other hospitality businesses need to earn more to cover their overheads.

This might be why the last few months have seen a spike in business closures, with some big names like former MasterChef finalist Tony Rodd and restauranteur and TV presenter Simon Rimmer, as well as some big chains being affected. In fact, in 2023 the hospitality industry accounted for 10% of UK business administrations.

Challenge Two – Staff Shortages

As much as the sector would like to put COVID-19 and Brexit behind it, there are still ongoing ripple effects being felt. Both events caused thousands of hospitality workers to leave the industry in search of greater job security, better pay and more career development opportunities. There has been a 36% rise in the number of hospitality vacancies in the UK between 2020 and 2023, with implications for customer service, operational success and sector growth.

The industry needs to reexamine its approach to staff retention and talent attraction, with a greater emphasis on providing strong onboarding, plenty of training and development opportunities and career progression.

Challenge Three – Changing Customer Expectations

Customer expectations for what they expect as ‘good’ service in the hospitality industry have changed significantly. With spending money tight, customers increasingly want their money to go further and when they do splash out, they expect a higher level of service. Thanks to the ubiquity of online delivery services, customers also increasingly demand efficient service.

The challenge for the hospitality industry is going to be balancing these new expectations of speedy service delivery, value for money and a high-level experience with their other challenges – a lack of experienced staff and rising operational costs.

How KSB Recruitment Can Help: The Recruitment Agency Advantage

Hospitality recruitment agencies like KSB Recruitment can be strategic partners, helping you strengthen your talent acquisition, make it more efficient and cost effective. Here’s how:

We do this thanks to our extensive network of contacts, our experience in screening candidates so you find the right fit, and improved processes designed to speed up recruitment and reduce costs.

  • Attracting Skilled Talent
    Because we understand the unique requirements of the hospitality industry, and each role within it, we can quickly use our extensive network to identify candidates with the precise skill set and cultural fit. Not only does that speed up recruitment but it reduces the likelihood of candidate’s dropping out of roles or failing to harmonise with your team.We can also help you reduce the impact of fluctuating demand or unexpected staff shortages with the strategic use of temporary staff. Giving you flexibility without the commitment of a permanent hire – great for adapting the size of your staff to your requirements and getting the most from your budget!
  • Improving Staff Retention
    Not only does our experience in candidate screening help you avoid high dropout rates by carefully selecting candidates who match your role and culture, but we can help you improve your staff retention in other ways too.By providing a quick, efficient candidate experience that provides positive interactions at every stage, we keep talented candidates coming back to you time and again. Recruiters can also help you develop more wide-ranging retention strategies to improve staff satisfaction and loyalty such as improved onboarding ensuring new hires are equipped with the necessary tools and information to transition into their roles.
  • Integrating Recruitment Technology
    New technologies like automation and data analytics can significantly improve your recruitment processes and point out areas that need work. But choosing the right tools for your needs and getting the best return on your investment can be tricky.A recruitment partner can help guide you to the right applications and allow you to access new tools and technology for a fraction of the cost. They can even analyse the data for you and suggest strategies for improvement, reducing your time-to-hire, improving your candidate sourcing, and reducing the burden on your HR teams.
  • Reducing Recruitment Costs
    Outsourcing your recruitment to a hospitality recruitment agency like KSB can be extremely cost effective. Because recruitment agencies take on the administrative burden of recruitment and quickly find and match candidates, they save your in-house teams both time and money. This quick process also stops revenue loss from extended job vacancies.

Don’t take our word for it! Read how KSB Recruitment have helped hospitality employers like you find (and retain) exceptional talent across the industry.

The challenges in the hospitality industry might be tough, but there’s a positive side. Recruitment agencies like KSB Recruitment can act as a supportive partner, helping you solve problems, tackle staff shortages and high costs. The key is teaming up with us for solutions!

Ready to rise above challenges and build resilience in the hospitality industry? Contact our knowledgeable and friendly consultants today and discover how KSB Recruitment can help.

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