Since 2010, KSB Recruitment Consultants Ltd have supplied temporary labour to NAAFI in support of exercises led by HQ Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC), with numbers ranging from 60 to 140 dependent upon the scale of the exercise.

KSB has been able to adapt and react to changes at very short notice, which is key as each exercise is founded on ‘real time’ scenarios. Providing flexible support to NAAFI is essential as ARRC’s training tempo is geared towards a rapid reaction to any armed conflict anywhere in the world.

KSB has always maintained a high fill rate for all shis required through the duration of each exercise and always supplies qualified, tried and tested people, from chefs of all levels to kitchen porters.

The excellent service level that KSB achieves each year means that they will remain the preferred supplier to NAAFI for future HQ ARRC exercises.

John Goddard,
Head of Operations, NAAFI

NAAFI Temporary Labour

Temporary Labour NAAFI