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Video Interview tips for Hospitality Jobs

5 Steps To Smash Your Hospitality Job Video Interview

Have you got a video interview coming up for a hospitality job?

As much as you may prefer face to face, video interviews are here to stay. Convenient, easily accessible, and cost-effective, a video interview can be an ideal alternative to a face-to-face conversation. Video interviews have increased by 57% since the pandemic and more than half of employers have said they will continue to use a video interview as part of the recruitment process.

The question for hospitality candidates is:

How do you make sure you’re making the right impression when you can’t rely on face-to-face interaction?

Learning how to move your interview tactics webcam as you would in person is crucial for today’s landscape. Here’s your guide to making the most of your hospitality video interview.

Step 1: Preparing for a Video Interview

Preparation is key whether you’re meeting your interviewer in person or not.

As you would with a face-to-face interview, start by learning as much as you can about the company. You’re still expected to demonstrate a knowledge of the company and the position you’re applying for. Don’t skimp on research because the conversation is happening over video.

Once you’ve collected as much information as possible about your would-be hospitality employer, the next step is preparing your tech. Find out what kind of video technology you will be using (i.e whatsapp, facetime, zoom, Teams etc). Test it out in advance; your recruitment consultant will have the details related to this.

Check your webcam, microphone and headphones work perfectly before the interview. Make sure the location you’re using has a strong internet connection. This will help to reduce the risk of lag in your call. Other points to consider as you prepare include:

  • Learn how to use important features on video conferencing, like mute or virtual background.
  • Find out whether you need to have documents ready for a presentation during the meeting.
  • Ask whether you’ll need to use additional tools during the interview, like screen sharing.

Step 2: Set up Your Shot

One of the best things about a hospitality video interview is you can interact from your own home. This can be helpful if you’re nervous about an interview. However, it also means you will be in complete control of what the interviewer sees from your camera.

Start by choosing the right environment; a space out of the way of family, pets, and other distractions is usually a good idea. Choose somewhere well-lit but avoid sitting with a light source directly behind you, as this can cause a shadow.

Set up your webcam so the other person can see your upper body and face. Try not to position it with just one portion of your head. It’s also worth thinking about your background. A neutral space, like a blank wall or a room without a lot of background clutter or decoration, is good. Having a load of washing hanging or dirty dishes probably isn’t the best idea.

Are you worried about not finding the perfect space? Consider experimenting with a virtual background or background blurring before the interview.

Step 3: Presenting Yourself in a Video Interview

Video interviews still require appropriate dress. Your hospitality recruitment consultant or employer will expect to see evidence of your professionalism in the way you present yourself.

Always choose attire you would wear for an in-person interview. Think about how certain clothing and accessories will show up on camera. Distracting patterns can be headache-inducing on camera, while pale colours can make you look drained.

Make sure you’re fully dressed (from head to toe – not your pjs on your bottom half). Think about the little details you can implement to boost your confidence. However, avoid large pieces of jewellery or accessories. These can capture light from the computer screen and cause glare.

Step 4: Video Interview Body Language

Body language is crucial in any hospitality interview. Everything from whether you’re sitting up straight or slumping in your seat to how much eye contact you’re making will be under assessment. Practice interviewing with friends and family over video to get feedback can be helpful. For example are you looking away from the screen too often or forgetting to smile?

Try to avoid constantly watching yourself on screen as this can make you seem distracted. Paying attention to the person you’re speaking to is better. It’s also important to shut down any other distractions which might draw your attention, like email notifications or separate tabs.

Centring your camera and looking directly into it will help you create the illusion of eye contact. Remember to:

  • Smile regularly to create a friendly atmosphere
  • Keep your arms and legs uncrossed to avoid looking unwelcoming
  • Avoid looking down at your lap or your notes too frequently

Step 5: Master the Little Details

Small things can make a big difference in a hospitality video interview.

Making sure everything looks and sounds perfect is the best way to make a lasting impression. Getting to the interview early to set up your camera, audio and check everything is working is a good idea.

To minimise the risk of any interruptions let your family know you can’t be disturbed. If you are disturbed, apologising and responding calmly will make you look more adaptable.

Getting the hang of video interviews can seem a little challenging at first. However, you will soon master the art of a video interview if you follow our straightforward process.

Here at KSB Hospitality Recruitment Agency we have been helping candidates find hospitality and catering jobs for over 30 years. If you would like us to help you in finding work, send your CV to [email protected] or call 0121 314 9365. Alternatively if you are a business looking for staff, we can also help.

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