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6 Ideas for Improved Productivity in the Hospitality Workplace

Productivity is one of the most important ingredients (Excuse the pun) in a successful hospitality business. However, achieving and preserving productivity isn’t always easy.

The face-to-face interaction with customers and the large variety of tasks that take place makes it a challenge.

However, there are some simple strategies you can follow. These will ensure your hospitality employees are productive. In turn, resulting in a more profitable business.

1.     Communication is Key

Providing clear communication to your employees is imperative to your success. Get this wrong and it can negatively impact productivity. A recent report outlined, that teams who communicate effectively may increase their productivity by as much as 25%.

Unlike businesses that operate from an office, it can be more challenging in a hospitality environment. Not all staff will be working the same days at the same times. There are a few things you can implement to overcome this.

We are in a world where a piece of tech (i.e a phone) is stuck to us most of the time. Utilising instant messaging services such as WhatsApp can prove very positive. It provides a platform to send a clear update to all staff at the same time. This allows staff to ask you questions there and then. It also encourages dialogue between employees.

If possible, hold regular staff meetings. This could be weekly, monthly or quarterly, depending on your business needs. Once again, it provides you with the opportunity to update everyone and the employees a chance to discuss any issues.

2.     Planning Staffing Levels

Staffing levels in hospitality businesses go up and down dependent on seasons and events. Having less staff than you need stretches your current employees in your busiest times. This will demotivate them and in turn, cause productivity levels to plummet. This is also the case in reverse. You have too many staff and there will be less work. Staff get demotivated resulting in a decrease in productivity.

Plan ahead! Look at when your busiest periods are or when you’re events are booked in. Decide how many staff you need and recruit early.

3.     Train Staff to Solve Problems

That age-old saying ‘don’t come to me with problems, come to me with solutions’ is very fitting here. You might be the business owner or manager but you don’t need to solve every issue. Plus giving autonomy and independence to your employees can significantly improve productivity levels. Your team will feel empowered to make their own decisions and solve problems independently. Thus reducing time seeking guidance from others.

Giving your hospitality employees training on how to fix common technical issues before they arise (i.e change the till receipt roll) or other suggestions for replacements if a menu item or drink isn’t available could help boost their efficiency levels.

Offering training to your team members ensures they have the knowledge, guidance, and insight required to keep working as productively as possible in any environment.

A strong set of training opportunities can also lead to huge benefits for your team. One study from the Huffington Post found companies offering comprehensive training achieved 24% higher profit margins.

Some areas to focus on with your training tactics include:

  • Troubleshooting common technical issues
  • Communicating with colleagues
  • Dealing with common customer complaints

4.     Make Time for Breaks

It is important to encourage your hospitality team to take their breaks and have the holiday they have accrued. If staff are pushed to their limit it could result in burnout. The impact of this will be staff off sick to recover and you’ve guessed it, productivity levels drop.

Staff who aren’t tired, overworked, and stressed will be more motivated and productive. Taking time out from a short break to days off can help to recharge us.

5.     Reward Your Employees

Rewarding your employees for good performance goes hand in hand with increased productivity levels. If your staff are recognised for their hard work they will be more motivated to continue to work hard thus productivity increases. Research also suggests employees would work harder if they felt they were being appreciated.

It also doesn’t need to be a grand gesture. A thank you card and voucher for a place they love or a bonus in their pay could make all the difference. You could also take employees out for the day. You can do plenty of things to show appreciation to increase productivity levels.

6.     Ask For Feedback on Productivity

Your staff are your eyes and ears. They know if a task can improve. By listening to their ideas, they are more likely to be productive and motivated to do the work at hand.

Have a staff team box. Employees can pop suggestions in, ask questions, or any concerns they have. This provides your staff with an anonymous communication platform and an opportunity to be heard. It also gives you an insight into team morale and productivity.

Hopefully, this has provided you with strategies and ideas to improve productivity within your hospitality business.

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