Is Your Chef CV Still Fit for Purpose?

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You completed your training years ago and have spent a long time working your way up through the chef ranks. You know that you’re an accomplished chef, so why are you not getting any calls back from the jobs you are applying for with your chef cv?

It might be something that has slipped your mind, or one of those annoying jobs you’ve had on your ‘to-do’ list for a while, but listen to us when we say – now is the time to update your CV.

You would be surprised at the number of mistakes we regularly see on chef and hospitality CV’s, from misspelt words to more serious errors like including an out of date phone number.  How can you expect employers to reach you if you haven’t provided them with the most basic of contact information?

In this article, we will talk you through the best ways to make sure your chef CV is working hard to get you those callbacks.


The Right Contact Details

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As mentioned earlier, we see a staggering amount of CV’s that have muddled contact information. The details that employers need to know in today’s job market are:

  • Your name (first name and surname, do not include middle names)
  • Your current address (where you can be reached, i.e. if you are currently living with a friend, do not include your parents old home address)
  • Your existing mobile phone number
  • The home phone number of your current address (this is becoming less common, but it is always worth including, for times when you’re not available on your mobile for any reason such as a dead battery)
  • Your email address


Clear and Concise

Now that you know the details you need to include, make sure they are set out at the top of your CV, in a font that is easy to read (we suggest Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri) with definite spacing between each line. If your mobile number has changed, do not scribble on your CV in pen – always take the effort to print out a new CV with the details included, it makes a far better impression.

If you are currently working, including the times when you can be reached on your mobile is a good idea, as it shows you are dedicated to your work and more importantly, won’t leave you finishing a shift with five missed calls from a job you really wanted.


Your Work History

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This is the part of your CV that is going to get you the job, so it needs to be clear, informative and interesting.

Starting with your most recent hospitality role first, give details of the places you have worked with your job title, then the name of the business and its location, and finally the months of your start and end date (e.g. May 2008 – Oct 2011).

After this, use a couple (minimum three, maximum five) of bullet points detailing what your primary duties were, what you enjoyed, and what you achieved. Do not go into rambling detail< about every daily task you performed in the kitchen.

It is always good to include a short line about why you left this position so that potential employers don’t think that you are unreliable.

Showing a learning curve in this area is a great way to show that you are top chef talent when it comes to your chefing abilities. Stating that you are able to identify new trends and implement new ideas into the food offering will make you stand out from the crowd.

Always include relevant employment information, though don’t list every


Personal Statement

This is something of a discussion point, as some people will say including a personal statement on a chef CV is an outdated concept, while other hospitality employers love them. When done right, a personal statement can add character and will make you come across as likeable and personable.

If you do want to include a personal statement, we suggest including it at the bottom of your CV and make it short. A few lines about any fun hobbies or interests you have works well, while we would advise against stating that all you like to do in your spare time is listen to loud music and go to the pub!


Next Steps

We hope that this guide will alert you to your CV and help you to realise if it needs badly updating or just a few little tweaks.

At KSB Recruitment, we are experts at helping hospitality staff find their perfect roles. If you are looking for a career move, or a new challenge, send us your CV today.



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