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2023 Recruitment Strategies For Hospitality

5 Recruitment Strategies To Use When Hiring Hospitality Talent

Though some of the challenges of recruiting in the last couple of years are beginning to diminish, the hospitality sector is still a skills-short market. Therefore having good solid recruitment strategies in place is critical.

Since your hospitality business can’t thrive without the right employees, it makes sense for every business owner to think about how they can improve their recruitment strategies in this new landscape.

Ensuring you have the right plan in place can help you to attract the most sought-after talent, improve your chances of employee retention, and strengthen your employer brand.

Here are some of the hiring strategies generating powerful results for hospitality businesses.

1.    Adapting to Your Candidates’ Changing Priorities

The first step in ensuring you can successfully hire and retain hospitality talent, is knowing what your candidates really want from their employer. In the last couple of years, the evolving workplace has led to the development of new priorities for many staff members.

Today’s employees still want to get the salary they deserve, but they also want:

  • Empathy: A focus on respect, empathy, diversity, and inclusion will be crucial to attracting candidates in any environment. Showcasing your empathetic side will help you to attract employees who share the same values as your business.
  • Flexibility: Today’s employees want more flexible roles. In hospitality it may be difficult to imagine how a business can offer flexibility. We aren’t a 9-5 industry. However, flexible working is giving your staff (to the best of your abilities) the opportunity to enjoy their life outside of work without asking them to prioritise one over the other. They can then bring their best selves to work and be more productive for you. A win win for everyone.
  • Development: Your employees want to see a future with your company, and a path for them to improve and enhance their skills. Have meetings with your team members to identify their current and long-term goals, and how you can help them reach them.

2.    Leveraging a Specialist Recruiter To Support Your Recruitment Strategies

Recruiters are one of the most valuable tools you’ll have in your recruitment strategy, particularly when they specialise in hospitality. An experienced hospitality recruiter will be able to help you identify the most important things your candidates are looking for when you’re writing your job descriptions and interviewing potential employees.

Recruiters can also save you significant time in collecting applications from a diverse range of backgrounds. Their existing presence in the industry means they already have access to various environments where they can find people to fill your talent pipeline.

With a recruiter, you’ll also have access to support and guidance to help you with everything from improving the interview experience, to making your job listings more impactful. and your whole recruitment process.

Just remember, to get the most out of your recruiter, you’ll need to walk the line between clarity and flexibility. It’s important to be clear about the things you really want from your candidate, but don’t get lost in the search for the perfect unicorn employee.

3.    Enhancing Your E.V.P.

In today’s digital world, employers have endless opportunities to learn more about their potential candidates by looking at their social media profiles and personal brand. However, it’s worth remembering your candidates also have the same opportunity to evaluate you.

Before considering whether to accept a job offer or even send in an application, most of today’s candidates will research your brand. It’s important to make sure your offer and E.V.P. (Employer Value Proposition) stands out.

Start by assessing your current employer brand, and what you communicate to potential staff members. Are you active on social media, constantly sharing valuable information about your company culture and the growth of your team members? Do your employees talk positively about you on social channels and review sites?

Next, consider your job offer and how it compares to roles available from your competition. Are you delivering the same level of flexibility for your new candidates? What can you provide that your team members can’t get elsewhere? Remember, businesses who implement a successful employer brand cut their cost-per-hire in half!

A hospitality recruitment professional will be able to help you with cultivating the right employer brand.

4.    Upgrading the Candidate Journey

In today’s changing landscape, employers need to make sure every stage of the candidate journey is as convenient and engaging as possible to avoid losing the attention of top talent. With the help of a hospitality recruitment partner, look at every touchpoint you’ll have with your candidates, and how you can update them to suit the current trends.

For instance, are you posting your job listings on social media, so they’re easy to find, and making sure it’s easy for your candidates to learn more about the role on your website? When candidates apply for a role, how will you interview them?

Video and remote interview processes are becoming increasingly common. You may also need to think about:

  • Following up with candidates: How will you keep your candidate engaged by following up and providing insights into their progress?
  • Onboarding: How will you onboard your team members when you decide who to hire? How can you make them feel like part of the team as quickly as possible?
  • Diversity: How will you ensure you’re making hiring decisions without bias? Will you be sure you’re respecting the concept of diversity, equity, and inclusion?

5.    Planning Comprehensive Recruitment Strategies

Finally, remember being prepared will save you time, effort, and money in today’s skills-short market. Rather than rushing to fill gaps in your hospitality team when someone leaves, think about your long-term recruitment strategies too.

Work with a recruiter to build a talent pipeline. One that is filled with diverse professionals from different environments. People who can add something valuable to your team. When creating this pipeline, think about the skills you need now and the expertise you may need in the future.

A good talent pipeline means you always have somewhere to turn to access crucial talent when you need it most.

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