UK Contracts Temporary Disclaimer Form

confirm that if I am successful in my application and work on temporary contracts in the UK that incurs travel costs but subsequently miss the arranged travel, I will reimburse the full cost of said travel to KSB Recruitment Consultants Ltd.

Furthermore, I understand that KSB Recruitment and its Clients have a zero-tolerance approach to recreational drugs. I may be subject to a random room search and/or participate in a drugs test at any time. If I have a positive test, I’m under the influence of alcohol whilst on shift or am found to be in possession of recreational drugs or any paraphernalia, I understand I will be removed from the site immediately. I also understand that if I cause any damage to any accommodation, other property or if I’m involved in any other activity that incurs costs, including setting off the smoke/fire alarms (by smoking or using an electronic vape device) or if the accommodation is left in an unacceptable state, I will be asked to pay for any reset, repair, replacement and/or cleaning costs incurred.

If my contract is terminated due to my own fault/gross misconduct, and/or I wish to terminate my contract prior to its conclusion, it is my own responsibility to pay for all transport costs to and from the contract location, whether or not booked by me or on my behalf.

I understand and accept that the start and finish dates of my contract* may vary at short notice due to the demands of the business.

I understand that by using the accommodation booked for me, I agree to a daily amount of up to £8.70* to be deducted from my wages on a weekly basis as a contribution to the accommodation cost. I also understand that if I fail to turn up to work on any assigned day, regardless of the reason, I will be charged the full cost for accommodation that night.

I hereby agree to and authorise any and all such applicable costs detailed on this disclaimer form be deducted from my wages and, if inadequate, I personally agree to pay any difference directly to KSB Recruitment Consultants Ltd upon request.

*Please note your contract start dates, location and accommodation costs will be outlined in the work details email you will receive from your KSB Account Manager.

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