Temporaries' Handbook Declaration

I confirm that if I undertake any assignments with KSB Recruitment that incurs any travel costs paid for by KSB Recruitment or the client, but subsequently miss the arranged travel, I will reimburse the full cost of said travel to whoever paid - KSB Recruitment or the Client.

I understand that if I cause any kind of damage to any property, of the client or the accommodation provider, (including setting off smoke/fire alarms by smoking or using an electronic vape device) and or if the accommodation is left in an unacceptable state, I agree to pay for any reset, repair, fixing, replacement, cleaning costs incurred.

I give my consent to accommodation room searches, with or without notice, only whilst I am present. If my assignment is terminated due to my own fault/gross misconduct, and/or I wish to terminate my contract prior to its conclusion, it is my own responsibility to pay for all transport costs to and from the contract location (including a replacement's travel costs), whether or not booked by me or on my behalf.


Please sign and date below to confirm you have read, understood and agree with the contents of the KSB Temporary Handbook.

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