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The Hospitality Recruiter’s Top 7 Tips for Your Most Successful Interview Ever

Hospitality interviews – they can differ wildly between the company and the role; it’s sometimes hard to know what to expect.  

When you work with a hospitality recruiter to find your next role, they will be able to provide you with everything you need to know. But if you’re going it alone – the following are my top tips from 25 years of hospitality recruiting experience for you to have your most successful interview ever. 

Let’s start with the job description… 


 1. Read the Job Description More Than Once  



When you see a great new role that you’re excited about applying for, sometimes it can be easy to miss out or gloss over the less desirable aspects of the job.  

Read the job description thoroughly, at least twice, and a good idea is to print out a copy of the advert and make notes about what skills and experience you have that are suited to the role – and use this sheet when you are preparing before your interview.  


2. Look the Part 

While hospitality interviews can sometimes be a little different to ‘standard’ interviews, this does not mean that you shouldn’t make an effort to look as smart as possible. 

If your interview involves a trial in a kitchen or elsewhere, bring some clothes or your chef whites that you can change into, but for the question and answer part, you should aim to be as smart and groomed as possible.  


3. Smile and Be Positive! 

While some chefs have a reputation for having a short fuse, anyone interviewing for a hospitality role should remember that hiring managers are not looking for temperamental applicants – the more positivity, the better! 

Increasingly, establishments are realising that their success is built on the cohesiveness of the team – moody lone-wolves are out; optimistic team-players are in!  


4. Answer the Question 



Many candidates, due to understandable nerves, fail to answer the questions that they are asked, and can instead begin to ramble about a general topic area. 

Listen carefully to the question that the interviewer has asked, and don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat the question if you didn’t hear or understand fully – it’s always better to do this than to give an answer that is off-tangent because you misheard or assumed something!  


5. Do Your Research  

In today’s hyper-connected world, there are more opportunities for you to research than ever.  

Most places will have a website that you can use to research the establishment or the company, and now there are also social media profiles that you can use to find out extra information. 

Does the business have a company Facebook page where they share up-to-date news? Or an Instagram where they post pictures of the team or new dishes? Being able to say “I was reading about your new menu on your Facebook page”, or “I saw a picture of the team on your Instagram – it looks like a great place to work!” will get you noticed by the interviewer.  


6. Bring the Energy 

One of the most sought-after skills that managers look for in hospitality staff is energy. You will catch the attention of the hiring manager when you demonstrate enthusiasm and pace in your interview; likewise, a lack of energy will reduce your chances of being offered the position. 

You can display your enthusiasm for the role by listening carefully and responding to questions without long pauses in between, smiling genuinely and being attentive during your trial shift, rather than trying to do everything at 100 mph or talking so fast that the interviewer can’t hear what you’re saying.  


7. Ask (These) Questions



Many hospitality candidates are left stumped at the end of the interview when asked if they have any questions, as the interviewer has done such an excellent job of showing you the role and company that you are left blank. 

However, this part of the interview isn’t strictly for you to ask any questions; it is your last opportunity to show your enthusiasm for the role. The following are examples of questions to ask- 

  • What does a typical day in this role look like? 
  • Will there be any development opportunities in this role? 
  • What is your favourite thing about working here? 
  • Which members of the team will I be working mostly with? 

These questions demonstrate your interest in the role and the company, and will set you apart as a top candidate.  




This guide will hopefully have shone some light on what hospitality hiring managers are looking for in candidates right now. 

If you are looking for your next hospitality role and need assistance finding positions that are right for you – we can help. Get in contact with our team today or call us on 0121 702 1428 to discuss what you are looking for in your next role and find out how we can help. 





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We are expert recruiters in the catering and hospitality industry with over 28 years in business, placing the best candidates in their perfect roles with obsessive attention to detail.  

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Are Your Interview Skills or Your Mindset Letting You Down?

Job interviews – how many people can honestly say they enjoy them? 

It is always a nerve-wracking time when you secure an interview for a new job, and the pressure increases when it’s a role in an establishment you desperately want. 

In this article, I’m going to explain how, quite often, it is not a candidate’s interview skills that result in a rejection, but rather their mindset which can let them down. 

Thankfully, there are ways to overcome a negative mindset brought on by interview nerves, which I’ll share to help you prepare for your next hospitality interview. 


A Lot at Stake 


If you have secured an interview for a position in a restaurant or establishment you have been coveting for a while, the pressure tends to build. You get into the mindset of believing that you only have one chance of securing this job, and that failure isn’t an option. 

Unfortunately, it is this very thought system which puts you at the highest risk of misrepresenting yourself in the interview.  

When you put this much pressure on yourself and the outcome of the interview, you set yourself up for a fall. Your demeanour becomes unnatural, you question everything you are saying, and you lose the ability to demonstrate your best skills – the ones you know make you a great candidate for the job – sound familiar? 



One of the best ways you can feel confident in an interview is being safe in the knowledge that you have prepared adequately.  

Being unprepared leads to stress, which is the enemy of a successful interview. 

To feel fully prepared, take the time to: 

  • Research the establishment. Look at their website and social media to get a better idea of what kind of people work there and what kind of place it is to work. 
  • Consider the possible questions and your answers. We have written a post on the most crucial hospitality interview questions which you can find here. 
  • Plan your journey to the venue and how long it will take to get there, allowing for traffic. 
  • Get a comprehensive overview of the role, the company, who will be interviewing you – working with a recruiter is the best way to ensure you get this. 

Preparing as much as you can is the smartest way to feel confident in your upcoming interview, but sometimes your mindset can still let you down. 

So how can you change your mindset to one which will help you go into your interview in a much more positive, confident way? Here are three proven ways.  


Visualise for Success 


I love this tip; it’s simple, and it works. Over the years it has benefited plenty of great hospitality candidates I have worked with to help them secure a new job.  

Interviews tend to throw up a lot of uncertain feelings: What are the company expecting from me? Will they like me? Am I even equipped to do this job well? 

Remember – if you’ve made it to the interview stage, there is something that this company likes about you, and they believe that you have a good chance of being the successful candidate. 

To visualise for success – spend a few minutes just before you go into the interview location, either in your car or in a waiting area, imagining your most successful moments to date. 

They don’t necessarily have to be work-related (although it can help if they are), but they should be memories of when you felt powerful and in control. Some good examples include – the feeling after doing yourself proud in a sporting event, the moment you found out about a promotion or the time you secured your last job. 


It’s ‘Not’ an Interview 

Sometimes, it helps to banish the word ‘interview’ from your mind in the hours leading up to the interview. So, if it’s not an interview, then what is it? Try to think of it instead as a business meeting.  

Doing this allows your brain to relax a little; it’s not a scary job interview, it’s just an informal chat between you and a person you hope to start working with. If you’re a chef going for a more senior role, imagine that you are talking with your current HR person about your goals for next year, a catering assistant, it will help to think about the hiring manager as if they are on the level as your current team leader. 

This method is helpful for candidates who are very nervous, or who have struggled to relax and speak as they would typically, during previous interviews. 

Adequate preparation used alongside these great mindset relaxation methods should guarantee that the best version of you shows up on an all-important day, ready to wow your new team. 




If you are looking for new hospitality or catering job and need help locating your next exciting role, KSB can help. 

We help find hospitality candidates the best roles with our excellent set of industry connections. If you are looking for your next challenge, send us your CV or call us on 0121 702 1428 to discuss the roles we currently have available. 





About KSB Recruitment 

We are expert recruiters in the catering and hospitality industry with over 28 years in business, placing the best candidates in their perfect roles with an obsessive attention to detail.  

KSB is proud to be a Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) member, accredited investors in people, and both Data Protection and Home Office Compliance registered. 

We specialise in roles in Birmingham, Staffordshire, the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire and Northamptonshire. 

5 Easy Ways To Be Confident In Your Next Chef Interview

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