Public Sector Recruitment Approved Commercial Service Supplier (CCS)

KSB Recruitment are an approved Crown Commercial Services Supplier (CCS) on the RM6277 Non-Clinical Staffing Framework. This means we are an approved NHS Workforce Alliance Supplier providing temporary Public Sector Recruitment solutions for non clinical roles such as catering and hospitality staff, hospital porters and cleaners.

Public Sector Recruitment KSB Recruitment

Recruitment Support

Are You Looking For Support Recruiting The Following Roles?
  • Hospital Catering Staff
  • Hospital Domestic Services Staff
  • Hospital Porters
  • Hospital Maintenance Staff
  • Hospital Health & Safety Staff
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By choosing KSB Recruitment as your approved commercial services supplier on the NHS Workforce Alliance Framework, you gain access to a trusted partner who will meet your healthcare staffing needs with efficiency and expertise. Our commitment to providing high-quality candidates, streamlined processes, and outstanding customer service sets us apart.

Benefits of Partnering With KSB Recruitment

Streamlined and Efficient Recruitment Process
Efficiently connecting you with top-quality candidates through a stringent selection and vetting process.

Unparalleled Candidate Quality
Prioritising high candidate selection standards and providing skilled and experienced professionals to positively impact your organisation is paramount to us.

Flexibility and Scalability
we understand the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry and can adapt to your evolving staffing needs. Our flexible, scalable services can meet your requirements, no matter the size or complexity.

Dedicated Customer Support
At KSB Recruitment, exceptional customer service is paramount. Our dedicated account management team closely collaborates with you, ensuring seamless alignment with your objectives.

Crown Commercial Service Supplier KSB Recruitment

Take the first step towards meeting your staffing requirements by contacting us today. Let KSB Recruitment be your trusted partner in building a strong and capable workforce to support you to meet your objectives.


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