5th April 2006
To whom it may concern,
Jon Bannister, in association with KSB Recruitment Consultants Limited currently provides NAAFI Catering and Mess Services (hereinafter referred to as NAAFI CMS) with Management, chefs and Catering staff both permanent and temporary to fulfil positions vacant from Military Personnel being relocated, or sent into active deployment zones. Jon has provided NAAFI CMS with this service since the contract start date in March 2000.
Due to the instability of all Germany Garrisons, the demand on KSB is continuous and fluctuates rapidly dependant on various elements in play. Despite short time limitations and lengthy procedures for criminal records checks, KSB continue to meet and exceed NAAFl’s demands irrelevant of unavoidable obstacles.
All Management, Chefs and Catering staff received from KSB have proved to be extremely reliable, and trustworthy which is a necessity when working with the MOD within an EU Member State. Having worked directly with Jon for several years I have found the service to be professional yet friendly and polite. I have never experienced any conflict with the company and never had any causes for complaint. Based on the consistency and excellence of service and candidates alike we would highly recommend the services that KSB offer and will certainly continue to use them in the future.
Should you require any further information, please feel free to contact me on the above details.
Thank you,
and kind regards
Ms Amanda Bowen

Chefs & Catering Staff KSB Recruitment
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