Catering Recruitment: 5 Must Always Have Ingredients

Catering Recruitment: 5 Must Always Have Ingredients

Catering Recruitment: 10 Must Always Have IngredientsCatering Recruitment: 10 Must Always Have Ingredients. Constantly feel like your stressing about what to cook? Or do you find yourself doing a lot more shopping than you should be doing? A weekly shopping trolley should be full of essentials! Here are 10 ingredients that you should always keep in your kitchen to always keep your cupboards and fridge full for a longer period of time. It saves time and money!

  1. Eggs. Eggs are a great ingredient to keep in your fridge. They can be used to make a variety of different dishes such as pies, bakes and cakes. Eggs can be cooked in multiple different ways such as poached, scrambled, boiled, soft boiled and omelettes. Make sandwich fillings for packed lunches with eggs such as egg and cress and egg and bacon. You can even make home made Mayonnaise!
  2. Tomatoes. Either fresh or tinned can both be extremely useful for cooking or even used as an accompaniment. Tinned tomatoes are used for dishes like chilli con carne, ratatouille, a wide variety of pasta dishes, oven bakes,sauces and soups such as minestrone, lentil soup, and vegetable soup. Fresh tomatoes can be added to a summer salad with mozzarella, it can also be served in a burger or a wrap or even served on the side of meat seasoned, chopped and cooked. Tomatoes can be mixed with other vegetables; a great way to make a filling and healthy meal.
  3. Cheese. cream cheese, grated cheese, mozzarella, cheddar, Parmesan, and many more types can be used in almost anything to your preference. Cheese dishes in particular can bring elegance and sophistication to a dinner party. For example; a cheese fondue, which is melted cheese in a pan with some white wine. This is usually accompanied with bread to dip into the fondue. Vegetables like broccoli, carrots and cauliflower can also be dipped in to the creamy hot mixture of your choice of cheese. Popular cheeses to use for a fondue are Gruyere and Emmenthaler. Grated cheese can be used for a finishing touch to a pasta dish or bake, it can be sprinkled onto things like chicken and vegetables. Sliced cheese can be added to burgers wraps and sandwiches. Cheeses are great with salads or accompanied with bread, olives, nuts or chutney as an appetiser or a savoury course before dessert.
  4. Onions and Garlic. Its always smart to keep onions and garlic in your kitchen to give all your dishes flavour. Garlic can be mixed with a spread and put on bread to be baked; homemade garlic bread! It can also be used in sauces, meat dishes, pasta dishes, potatoes and vegetables. Onions can be used in almost anything, from soups, sauces, and used for cooking pretty much anything. Once onions are fried many other ingredients can be added, it gives it that extra flavour!
  5. Rice and Pasta. Accompanied or by itself rice and pasta will forever last in your cupboards until you need to use them; although if you cook very often then you are likely to use it on a regular basis. Rice and pasta can be eaten hot or cold once cooked, so the leftovers are great the next day for a quick bite or a packed lunch.

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