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5 Tips to Help You When Sending Your CV to a Hospitality Recruiter

Are you planning on changing hospitality jobs this year? Instead of braving the application process alone, you can take the stress out of finding a great new role by working with hospitality recruiters.  

Hospitality recruiters are always on the lookout for candidates with the best talent. This does not necessarily mean you have to have worked in a 5* hotel, or a Michelin star restaurant – many great hospitality employees simply start off with a great set of transferable skills.  

Whether you are looking to break into this fast-paced and exciting industry, or are looking to land a more senior role – here are our top tips of the things to include to make your CV stand out to a hospitality recruiter.  


Transferable Skills 


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Fact: some of the most talented hospitality staff don’t necessarily have the most experience. Be sure to demonstrate on your CV transferable skills from previous employment. The most in-demand skills include- 

  • Communication 
  • Dependability 
  • Teamwork 
  • Organisation 
  • Adaptability 
  • Leadership (if applicable to the role you will be applying for) 

As much as possible, give real-life examples of where you have demonstrated these skills. For example ‘in my previous role, the daily systems we used were updated regularly, which meant that I had to be adaptable to keep on top of the game. I enjoyed the learning process this involved, and was always the first to help my colleagues when they were struggling with any of the new changes’ 

Take the time to consider which of your transferable skills will apply to your chosen role, and give these the most detail. 


Demonstrate Your Achievements, Not Just Your Responsibilities  

A big mistake that many hospitality candidates make in not getting their CV to stand out is to list their previous responsibilities with no detail.  

Great hospitality CVs include previous achievements of the candidate so that the recruiter and your potential new employer can quickly see how you can add real value to their establishment.  

You can include specific dishes or menus you worked on, how many covers you regularly served (or a top number – anything in the 100s is always impressive!), how you took the lead in the absence of a manager, etc. 


A Desire to Learn 


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This is a big plus point to include. Hospitality and catering is one big learning curve – even the best chefs know that they don’t know everything. 

If the jobs you are hoping to apply for are out of of your comfort zone, or if you have little to no experience, this can be a worry for some employers who may turn down these applications. 

Include a point on your CV that while you might not have extensive experience in a particular field, you are prepared to put the hard work in to learn and hone your craft. Again, you can use examples of when you have had to learn new skills in a professional setting to demonstrate your ability to do this. 


Team Player 

Teamwork in hospitality is a massive issue at the moment. Employers and recruiters are all too aware of the fact that success only ever comes from the strength of your team. 

In the kitchen, when things get heated, employees who are not team players can cause problems for the whole team. Increasingly, employers are looking for dependable team players over many other qualities.  

So include examples to demonstrate that you are a real team player – these include excellent communication skills, being personable and approachable and being happy to work as part of a wider team towards an end goal. 


Passion for the Industry 


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And finally, but by no means least – a love of the industry is a must! Hospitality recruiters love to see candidates with a genuine passion for the industry, and these become the applicants who they will put forward for the best roles. 

Whether you have years of experience building brands from the ground up or this is your first shot at a hospitality role, and you have been drawn to the industry because of your love of food and meeting new people, be sure to include a paragraph about the aspects of hospitality and catering which excite you. 

Going one step further, if you are looking to break into a particular restaurant, hotel or niche sector, I advise that you tailor your CV to include specific details of why. 

For example, ‘I’ve been a fan of X restaurant since it opened. I’m a follower on Instagram and regularly choose this place to come to with my friends and family. I’m always impressed with the vibe and the service, and would love to be part of your team’.   



I hope this article has helped you see where your hospitality CV might need tailoring before you begin to apply for new roles this year. 

If you are looking for a new hospitality or catering job and need advice locating exciting roles, KSB can help. 

We help find hospitality candidates the best roles with our excellent set of industry connections. If you are looking for your next challenge, send us your CV or call us on 0121 702 1428 to discuss the roles we currently have available. 




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